A Regular Guy from the local hardware store who loves to travel.

Who am I?


I tell anyone who asks that I’ve had the travel bug since childhood, beginning when I “disappeared" on a family ice-skating trip because I needed to see what was around the next corner.  During college, I headed west to work at the Orme summer camp, where we guided campers around the American Southwest in open trucks, down the Colorado River and deep into Mexico on a month-long tour.

I’m a veteran of TV news, and I bring a great sense of storytelling to “Dan’s Travel Bytes.” I’ve covered hard news stories, co-hosted the very popular Good Morning Arizona show before creating the three time Emmy winning AAA Highroads TV show.

I’ve traveled extensively during my career, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Europe, Alaska and Central America along with countless of destinations in the U.S.

With my move to an Internet based show, I can share my adventures with the world.

I graduated from Ohio University; I’m married with two grown children.

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